Thing 12

I created my slideshow using slideroll, I’ve created many slideshows using other software applications and didn’t think slideroll was easy to use.  You didn’t have the control to automatically start your slideshow or not.  Slideroll wouldn’t let me add transitions between each image, just the first one.  If you never used a timeline before, you would be lost.  I created a slideshow of some images of Scotland where I vacationed last summer.  I started off my vacation at St. Andrews and then headed off to Edinburgh.  I show an image of St. Andrews golf course, castle ruins, and then added a few images from the royal mile in Edinburgh.  Those images include the Edinburgh castle on one end of the royal mile, the Holyrood Palace on the other end and then the Scottish Olympic gold medalist leaving the royal mile.  It really was an amazing trip.  My wiki site is called Let’s PLAY.  I got rid of the link to slideroll, because it keeps playing music with the link added to this Blog post.

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